Thursday, April 19, 2007

Backed up

No new posts in nearly a week, I know--my backlog is growing by the day! But fear not, a big review is in the works and a few more are...well, in my brain, at least.

Coming up on The Yogblog:

-A full Fage report: Four yogurts reviewed for the price of one blog entry!
-The froyo tour of Manhattan: It was postponed to this weekend, so me and my frozen-yogurt-eating henchwomen should have some thoughts next week!
-Ronnybrook yogurt cups: Peach and Maple Vanilla (and maybe Coconut) flavors reviewed!
-Cascade Fresh yogurt: My favorite "American-style" yogurts (which happen to be on sale 3 for $2 at Whole Foods this week) reviewed!

So don't touch that mouse...or something.

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